Terrorism in 1975

• The IRA’s Christmas cease-fire extended into the New Year but ended at midnight on January 16.

• On the mainland, a bomb placed under the car of Conservative MP Sir Hugh Frazer exploded outside his house in Holland Park (below). Sir Hugh was not in the car but the bomb killed the leading cancer surgeon Professor Gordon Hamilton-Fairley, who happened to be walking by.

• Another car bomb fixed to a car parked next door to the London home of Edward Heath was defused shortly before it was timed to explode.

• A middle-aged couple were held hostage for almost a week in the Balcombe Street Siege and, in September, seven people were held hostage in a restaurant basement in the Spaghetti House Siege.

The Headlines

• One of the editors of the Guinness Book of Records, Ross McWhirter, was an outspoken critic of the IRA and had called for the restoration of the death penalty for terrorist bombing. He was later murdered by gunmen who shot him on the doorstep of his home in Enfield.

Irish Republican Terrorism on the British Mainland

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