Adopting the same small booklet format as Speedway Illustrated - presumably because it was printed on the same presses at Rayleigh - SPEEDWAY GRAPHIC made its first appearance in 1963. Produced by Shaleway Publications at 114 Alberta Street in London’s Walworth district, its editor was Ernest Hancock. Regular columns included London Calling, a roundup of news from tracks in the capital, complemented by Come Up North, Midland Scene and Frae O’er Th’ Border, offering similar reviews from other parts of the country. There was a Star Rider of the Month - Ronnie Moore in one of the editions pictured opposite - and the centre pages were occupied by a picture gallery , all black-and-white, of course but, since almost all riders wore black leathers, it hardly mattered. A letters page, articles, features and an editorial made its 32 pages a busy read. A key story in the July/August 1963 edition was  of the 90-day notice served on the ACU by the Provincial League Promoters Association that they intended to operate independently of the Speedway Control Board. It also recorded the expulsion from the Association of Wolverhampton promoters Mike Parker and Bill Bridgett.


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