The MAIL differed from the other speedway publications in that it was a newspaper rather than a magazine. It was good value, too, running to 28 tabloid-sized pages or more. Its price in 1976 was only 15p. Its first issue appeared in 1972 from offices in Hoe Street, only a few miles from Hackney Speedway, published by Robolle Press. The editor was Ian MacDonald. Its packed pages included news and comment, a wealth of brief items, full match reports and scorers, lots of pictures, regular competitions and diary pages such as ‘Off The Cuff’ written by John Hyam and Rick Eldon’s ‘Speedway Chatter’. Here’s a question from one of their 1976 quizzes: Under the new Rider Replacement rule, how many times can a team’s No. 1 replace an absent No. 2? You don’t remember? The answer, of course, was once only.


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