At the outbreak of the War in 1939, the weekly SPEEDWAY NEWS, in the 13th year of its publication, ran to 28 pages and cost just three old pence. With no speedway to report, like other such periodicals, it ceased publication for the duration. By 1946, with hostilities over but in an austerity Britain where paper remained in short supply, the magazine managed only 10 pages and its cover price had doubled. Its title had changed to SPEEDWAY & ICE NEWS and it had a new publisher. Lakeman & Tucker had made way for Peverley’s whose editorial offices were in Fleet Lane. Racing reports, League and Cup tables were recorded in detail alongside articles and comment. In later years, editor Len Went introduced the ubiquitous gossip column Heads and Tales, and the centre pages were given over to Photo News from the tracks. In the July 29, 1953 edition, one memorable picture shows  a young Ronnie Moore being presented with the Golden Helmet by sports writer Eddie Waring who would later become known to millions as the BBC’s voice of rugby league.


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