SPEEDWAY PIX, as its name suggested, was concerned not with match reports or news but with capturing the best in speedway photographs - all in black-and-white, of course. The first edition appeared in April, 1969, published from the Speedway Star offices in Temple Chambers, just off Fleet Street. The pictures were taken by Alf Weedon and could be bought from him at his home address in Hackney. An 8½” x 6½” print cost 4/- including postage and packing! The magazine did include some text, such as Mike Chandler’s ‘Track Chat’ and a diary column titled ‘Shale Tales’, written by Martin Rogers. One nice feature was a picture of spectators from a different track each week. If you were the fan circled in the photo, you won a prize of 2 guineas! Big money in those halcyon days.


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