Today, the only weekly speedway magazine, the STAR is effectively the sport’s trade paper. It was first published in 1952 and incorporated the Speedway News. The title SPEEDWAY STAR & NEWS was used until early in 1973 when the ‘News’ was dropped from the masthead in a change of design. The editor in the Fifties was John Hyam and the magazine was produced by Echo Publications at 150 Cheapside, London, moving in 1960 to Ludgate Circus, just off Fleet Street. In the intervening years there have been further changes of address, editor and publisher. The present owners, Pinegen, are based outside the capital in Surbiton, Surrey. No other magazine has enjoyed a longer association with speedway. It is the sport’s newspaper of record and has done much across the decades to promote debate and encourage discussion among the sport’s promoters, riders, officials and supporters.   


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