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HOSTING video on a website is rarely straightforward and we have always been reluctant to use facilities such as YouTube or Vimeo. One of the chief difficulties is that different web browsers work in different ways and the formats in which they play video are not universal.

Until now, we have frequently included different versions of each of our videos to try and ensure that at least one will work on your browser but that has not been a satisfactory arrangement - and it is one that has become more complex with the increased use of smart phones by our readers.

We have therefore undertaken a major  revamp of all the videos on our site and each one is stored in various versions but in such a way that your browser should be able to find the appropriate one and play it without the need for readers of the site to do anything other than press play. This will apply whether you view on a desktop computer or the latest iPhone, whether Windows or Mackintosh.

We hope you find it much easier to view our videos in future! For the technically-minded, a list of the browsers and devices served is given below but the videos will work on many older versions, too.